Care of your kitchen doors

 To help take care of your new installed kitchen doors please clean the doors using only luke warm water with no more than a 5% soap solution i.e. washing up liquid. Do not spray the solution onto the doors simply using a soft cloth wipe down the surface of the door.
Then dry off with a clean dry soft cloth.

Any greasy cooking marks need to be wiped off immediately and do not allow any spillages etc to seep into any joints, wipe them away a.s.a.p!

Please take note do not use any form of Bleach, abrasive type cleaners, solvents or any alcohol based cleaners. Just use as said a simple soapy solution this will take care and keep your doors lovely and clean.

Any problems or concerns please feel free to contact Yorkshire fitted kitchens and I will try and help.
Care of your worktops

Properly installed your worktop will give you many years of excellent service while maintaining its freshness and original good looks.

Worktop can be cleaned by using a mild soap detergent and soft cloth. Simply wipe over. 
On non gloss surfaces persistent marks can be removed by using a non abrasive cream cleaner.

Nature of stain:
Dirt, soil, oil, finger marks, juices, coffee, tea, etc
Wipe with soft cloth with mild detergent mix and water.

Resistant stains: Long exposure to fruit juices, red wine may cause discolouration, clean with washing powder and mild bleach solution. Warning Do Not Repeat this method too often!

Pencil, ball point pen, marker pen, lipstick, shoe polish etc clean with organic solvent such as methylated spirit always follow instructions on bottle.

Paints, varnishes etc remove with water or organic solvent depending on product but do so immediately to prevent long lasting marks.